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Postcard Csillag István - Daniel Castle from Vârghiș


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For the Castle in Transylvania Shop István Csillag created illustrations of Transylvanian castles and manors. He used watercolor techniques and sought to grasp the essence of each castle through concise and iconic brushstrokes.

Postcard Csillag István - Daniel Castle from Vârghiș


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Daniel Castel from Vârghiș is listed among the famous monuments from Erdővidék (Woodlands), a special attention deserving the parc which contains dendrological rarities. Its elements reflect several construction phases: carvings related to the Renaissance style, the baroque decorations and Classicist ground plan, as well as the historical expansions - all arose general interest in the building. After 1989, until 2005, the castle housed the headquarter of the Local Council and the Mayor’s Office of Vârghiș. In 2005, the building was recovered by its rightfull owner and then sold to the Municpality of Esztergom (Hungary). Today, the castle is in good condition, but it does not have a function.