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SILOUETTE shoulder bag


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Elements of the architecture of Transylvanian castles revive and their stories keep us company everywhere on the SILOUETTE bag by Both Rita. The shoulder bag was created specially for the Castle in Transylvania Shop. 


SILOUETTE shoulder bag


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Dimensions: 25x30cm

Material: cotton, leather

Colours: grey, black and gold / black and green

Both Rita studied photography and film, but in the meantime she started to create accessories, and this turned out to be the ideal form of self-expression for her. In 2010 she established her own brand called Wild to Wear, which became known for its themed accessories that conquered many hearts in a short time. While creating bags and backpacks, she is interested in the countless possibilities textile has to offer, because, in her experience, the variations of forms and colors can represent different atmospheres and feelings. At the moment, she lives and works in her hometown, Miercurea Ciuc, but the accessories created in the tiny Wild to Wear workshop can get to anywhere in the world.

The Silouette Collection is inspired by the stylistic elements of castles from different centuries. The playfulness of the form of a façade seen in the distance can become an interesting theme for textile design. The idea of minimalist forms are combined with accessories created for the comfort of everyday city life. This uncomplicated, contemporary collection with simple lines holds a bit of nostalgia for the elegance of past times.