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PATINA perfume bottle


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A special perfume needs a special bottle - like this one from the PATINA collection. Szalma Zsolt created the bottle specially for the Castle in Transylvania Shop.


PATINA perfume bottle


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Szalma Zsolt studied sculpting at Tudor Jarda Arts School in Cluj-Napoca, then started his career as a glassblower in the craftmen’s association. These helped him make his childhood dream come true: to craft and create from glass. The shine of glass has fascinated him since the age of five and since then, through hard work and never-ending play, he improves his technique in working with glass.


During his two-decade long experience, he realized that glass is a material which, when melted, tries to take up all existing shapes. This process can be understood only by those who approach in a humble way this noble material, the structure of which still gives a lot of thought to scientists. 


The candle holders, the chalice, the globe and the perfume bottle fit perfectly into an era when glass was almost as valuable as gold. The objects, created together with jeweler Nádudvary László György remind us of castle interiors, as they come in our minds most of the time: dim lights and durable elegance.