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Postcard Csillag István - Teleki Castle from Gornești


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For the Castle in Transylvania Shop István Csillag has created illustrations of Transylvanian castles and manors. He used watercolor techniques and sought to grasp the essence of each castle through concise and iconic brushstrokes.

Postcard Csillag István - Teleki Castle from Gornești


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Teleki Castle from Gornești is the largest and most magnificent Baroque castles from Transylvania. The most beautiful room is the Main Hall on the first floor, where the original mural paintings, the Rococo porcelain stove and glass chandeliers can still be seen. The castle is in relatively good condition – its roof requires permanent repairs. Starting from 2012 the castle and its park are open for the public. Moreover, the castle hosts many events, like the Teleki Ball – a crowdfunding event to raise money for the castle – and the Teleki Castle’s Day, which includes many cultural and leisure activities.