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Postcard Csillag István - Sükösd-Bethlen Castle from Racoș


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For the Castle in Transylvania Shop István Csillag created illustrations of Transylvanian castles and manors. He used watercolor techniques and sought to grasp the essence of each castle through concise and iconic brushstrokes.

Postcard Csillag István - Sükösd-Bethlen Castle from Racoș


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The castle from Racoș is considered to be one of the historical monuments constructed in the time of the Principles Bethlen–Rákóczi, due to its four turrets located on the corners, being one of the early examples of turreted castles of Transylvania in the 17th century (the castles from Gilău, Bonțida and Ineu). The building, located in the central part of the village, has a rectangular ground plan and contains round turrets located at each of its corners. The southern part of the castle contains the arched entrance and once the inner courtyard was surrounded by the wings of the building. Today, the only buildings still standing at the inner side of the wall are the western wing and a part of the southern wing. The castle – although it requires preservation and restoration works - attracts more and more visitors.