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Notebook NOBLEWOMEN - Susanna Lorantffy


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The notebook, with the redrawn portrait of princess consort Susanna Lorantffy brings colour to your imagination. The collection was created by Vass József specially for the Castle in Transylvania Shop.


Notebook NOBLEWOMEN - Susanna Lorantffy


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Vass József studied graphic design at the Partium Christian University from Oradea. He experimented with various forms of art, then specialized in classic and digital illustrations. He is the designer of the Daydreaming scene of the UNTOLD Festival in 2016, and it was also his idea to redesign the old set of playing cards Păcălici under the name of Măscărici. Besides, he illustrated a large number of books, children's magazines and T-shirts. Life is a song, illustrate it - this is the credo of the artist, best known as Mr. Musette.

The Noblewomen Collection redraws the portraits of five ladies - Bornemisza Anna, Lorántffy Zsuzsanna, Zrínyi Ilona, Brandenburgi Katalin and Habsburg Mária Krisztina - in a typical Mr. Musette-style. The portraits, surrounded by nature-inspired motifs appear on backgrounds resembling stained glass, like we could imagine them in a mysterious hall or library of a castle or palace.